The Advent of Mobile Phone Technology

The operating system is the life blood of any computer system. You cannot make any computer system operation without the operating systems. The OS from the Microsoft that is the windows versions are the most hit in the market.

The mobiles have now grown from just a call making gadget to a high end portable slimmer computer system. You are able to enjoy almost all functionality that you can enjoy with the high end computer system. This has made the dedicated mobile phone operating systems vital.

You will not be able to give your trust to any other providers other than Microsoft.

The Microsoft, with no doubt already put their mark in the computer OS industry. This is the same in the case with the mobile phone operating system.

Let us have a look at the variety of OS offered by the Microsoft which are specially designed for the phones. The Microsoft introduced six diverse versions of mobile phone operating system meant to meet the customer demands and needs.

Take a look at the operating system that has been introduced for the first time. Windows Mobile 6.x is the forefather in the family of mobile phone operating system from the Microsoft. It will end up as a history soon. Windows Phone OS 7.0 was the next member in the series and it is used by many of the OEMs even today.

Windows Embedded Handheld 7 OS was introduced by the renowned player by looking forward to meet the demands of the enterprise market. Windows Embedded Standard 7 OS is the yet another device that is meant for TVs, kiosks and similar devices.

The fifth one Windows 7 OS is meant to be as a best platform for the Net books and Tablets. The upcoming Windows Embedded Compact 7, which will be suitable for the non Intel processors and less energy consuming batteries slates.

The Microsoft introduces diverse OS meant for diverse users with variety of requirements. Thus, the Microsoft always comes with a package of OS to fulfil the wish of each and all whether it is a business person or a layperson.

You can find the Microsoft windows OS working well with the mobile devices from the leading manufacturers like Motorola, Honeywell and so on.

The Microsoft operating system will power up the hardware of the mobile phone same like the computer operating system. It is a bridge or an interface between the user and the device.

The new generation Windows Embedded Handheld OS version will be a blend of the features offered by the Windows Mobile or the Windows CE toolkit. This will be capable of building robust applications by offering high end interfaces as well as programmes.

The GPS application is the need of today and the mobile devices that is included with the GPS application can make use of the to be on market Windows Embedded Compact 7. Anyway the past experience shows that windows operating system is capable of overcoming any competition from the peers.